Politics, Policies and Market Resiliency

August 26, 2016

Ed Perks, CIO, Franklin Templeton Equity

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Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets

Emerging-Market Small Caps: A Distinct Growth Opportunity
Fri, 26 Aug 2016

Emerging markets remain at the forefront of the world's most vibrant and fastest-growing economies, with overall gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates comfortably in excess of the developed world this year, despite much-publicized slowdowns in certain countries.

"The newest breed of multi-factor strategic beta ETFs weight factors strategically in order to seek better investment outcomes than equal-weighted multi-factor ETFs. We think these ETFs represent an important step in the evolution of strategic beta investing."

Index Investing and the Factor Evolution
July 18, 2016

Every financial website displays key barometers to track global stock performance around the world at a glance—in the form of stock indexes. With ...

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